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Rent A Toyota Sienna

Roomy, comfortable and well-built, renting the Toyota Sienna minivan is an excellent choice for larger families.

The Toyota Sienna Minivan comes with a 3.5-liter V6 that delivers 266 horsepower which drives the front wheels through an 8-speed automatic transmission.

Our vans hold 8 passengers and some are equipped with a factory DVD Player that keeps the kids and adults entertained during those long trips.

Wireless DVD headphones allow the passengers in the back to listen to their movie while the driver and front seat passenger talk, listen to the radio or 250 satellite stations that are provided free of charge.

The Toyota Sienna Minivan is one of the safest and most economical minivans you can rent.

Come rent the Toyota Sienna minivan at Toyota Rent a Car. It's also a great way to Try Before You Buy as well.

Toyota Sienna

Toyota Sienna